Supporters of Jody Oberfelder Projects
Donors for The Brain Piece as of as January 10th, 2017

Board of Directors
Leah Barber
Cheryl Batzer
Jody Oberfelder
Juergen Riehm
Amy Schwartzman
Eric Siegel

Advisory Board
Gerald Appelstein
Jimmy Carbone
Andrew Dornenburg
Susan Frankel
Judith Hannan
Elise Jaffe
Maureen Jerome
Karen Page
Jane Park

Caitlin Pincus
Jackie Shapiro
Jeri Slavin



Brain and Heart Leadership Circle $1000 +
CEC Artslink
Cheryl and Max Batzer
Judith Hannan
Dorothy Lichtenstein
New Music USA
Starry Night Foundation
Leah and Ben Barber
Mira Recanati

Synapse Connector $500 +
Music Box Building
Amy Schwartzman

Body of Knowledge $200 +
Lawrence and Idell Weisberg
Jane Ayers and Steel Stillman
Ann Bobco and B. Wurtz
Emily and Andrew Faulkner
Joshua Katz
Arlene Kestenbaum and Steve Buckley
John Levy and Victoria Westhead
Lori and Marc Siegel

Mindful Giver $100 +
Markus R. Dennig and Johanna Maier
Mark Kennedy
William Lynch
Koshers and Company
Dr. Lawrence Ottaviano
Lennie Construction Company
David Parker
Louise Rogers
Evan Hughs

Neuron Spark $40 +
Robert and Andrea Egert
Caroline Gelb and Todd McGovrn
Miriam Gottfried
Lynn Neuman
Cydney Pullman and Stanley Wilson
Jane Umanoff and Bo Parsons