To Accompany any Residency

The Moving Mind

The Moving Mind, a workshop led by Jody Oberfelder, gives participants an interactive and intuitive opportunity to embody neuronal activity, create connections, and engage with their minds in motion. Oberfelder will show her new film:  Dance of the Neurons, created in consultation with leading neuroscientists Weiji Ma, Gary Marcus, Ed Lein and Wendy Suzuki.  The screening will be followed by a physical exploration of the of thoughts as they manifest in our minds and body. Thoughts, connected, lead to ideas. Ideas may take us into action.

Motion Picture—Improvisational Scores for Camera and Movement

This workshop offers the opportunity for dancers to create in real time, and capturing with camera.  Students are required to bring a phone camera, or video camera. Improvisation scores for both movement and camera develop awareness of body, space and framing.

Improvisation Class / Physical Imagination

How can ideas lead to movement, or movement to ideas? How can we create vocabulary that stems from embracing intuition and instinct. How do you use your skills and articulate artfully? In this improvisation class, we'll dive into juicy movement and thoughtfully create ideas as physical ingredients gives rise to fresh perspectives in our process of learning, improvising and creating movement. Improvisations will cover spatial mapping, internal and external motivations, time and timing, energy, and shape shifting.


Creating a dance, there is not one formula that fits all.  How do you straddle the zone between the organizing mind and the unruly body, between the unruly mind and the organized body, between formalism and informal-ism. We will tap into our unique physical imagination through improvisational structures that are ever evolving, splicing the moves towards a composition that is original. Warm up included.

Technique: Partnering

Springing from the idea of relationships as interactions between humans, this workshop will explore how partnering in movement relates to relationships in life. The workshop will delve into experimental partnering in duets and ensembles.

'So You Think Your Brain Can Dance?'

A class tailored for students 3rd-5th, 6th-8th, or high school level to connect the brain and the body. This class explores human energy, focus, strength, and commitment. 


Workshops available in on-site locations

What is the nature of a site? How can dance bring forward and deepen the way we experience a place. Finding the place and excavating its essence. And allow the movement and theatrical juxtapositions to evolve. This workshop could culminate in the integration of local dancers, communities, into a site specific performance event.

Partnering with Camera / Physical and Visual Imagination

This workshop will explore how the interaction of camera and movement creates kinetic imagery capable of expressing something beyond the frame. We will cultivate the relationship between movement and visual elements , creating dance films that explore relationships. This workshop will allow participants to work with physical imagination, storyboarding, and hands on camera work, finding an individual expression of vocabulary. A physical class will be followed by afternoons developing studies for film: investigating site specific locations, and choreographing for the camera to find a unique language in dance/visual vocabulary realized through the lens. All levels of experience are welcome. Video-cameras recommended.