On the Move Shortly

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On the Move Shortly is a short piece of interactive dance devised for the passengers of St. Pancras Station. It allows travellers to pause in between departure and arrival, reflect upon stillness and movement, and feel their own presence in the midst of motion. It is a private and personal experience in a public space; a respite from the flurry of activity of life, and an invitation to contemplate the present moment in the midst of our various journeys.

A FREE event!

Repeated every hour between 10 am and 3pm
Monday, 30 July 2018, St. Pancras Station, London
Euston Rd, Kings Cross, London N1C 4QP

Choreographer/director: Jody Oberfelder
Dramaturg: Katalin Trencsényi
Dancers / Travel Guides: Pierre Guilbault, Jody Oberfelder, Maya Orchin, Andrew Sanger
Musician/Signal Master: Emily Nebel
Stage Manager / Conductor: SarahGrace Lehmann
Costumes: Lou Dallas


JOP at Tribeca Arts and Culture Night

Maya Orchin and Jody performed a prototype performance of On the Move Shortly in an iteration called “Audience of One” June 21 in NYC by the No. 1 train at Franklin Street as part of Tribeca Arts and Culture Night. Here are some messages / Travel Thoughts left in our log book from audiences members.  Hope to see you July 30.  

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Jody with pedestrian.jpg

Fix objects
The eyes to move
Then the mind
Then the body
Thank you for taking me on the trip

Breathing in and out
Connecting to one another
Through heartbeats, movements
absorbing new thoughts and insight
an intimate, liberating experience


I hear the birds I forget to listen for. Thank you.

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