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Madame Ovary

Madame Ovary is a contemporary exploration of the body as a site of intuition, agency, and birth. With choreography by Jody Oberfelder and music composed by Missy Mazzoli, this new work focuses on the sociopolitical implications of the gut and genitals. The third in a trilogy following the heart (4Chambers 2013-14 on Governors Island and Arts@Renaissance, Brooklyn) and brain (The Brain Piece (at New York Live Arts 2017), this project will be born out of research into the spiritual attachment to the gut, centering particularly on intuition and sexuality in the body.  Madame Ovary, which references Flaubert’s Madame Bovary, situates the body as a site for historical excavation, blending performative actions to create an empathic kinesthetic bridge to past and present bodies.