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JOP's recent production of Zaubernacht is now seeking new opportunities to perform! Check out the Zaubernacht page to learn more about this piece. 

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The Brain Piece

JOP's production of The Brain Piece will be perfomed in Braga, Portugal in October 2018. Check out The Brain Piece page for more information about this piece. 

 Photo by Edward Einhorn

Photo by Edward Einhorn


A collaboration with Topology. Brisbane, Australia  (Summer 2018).

A new collaborative hybrid work between Brisbane based quintet, Topology, and Jody Oberfelder Projects, this site specific work will be developed in three phases: 
1) Conversation
2) Improvisation
3) Synthesis

THINGS will expand into theatrical storytelling through movement and music. The entire process will be filmed, allowing audiences to continually reflect on THINGS as a philosophical concept.




On the Move Shortly

An itinerary performance --a private and personal experience in a public space—a pause in the flurry of activity of life--A place to contemplate the “now” of your journey.  This piece is being developed with dramaturg Katalin Trencsényi.



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Madame Ovary

Madame Ovary will merge Flaubert’s tragic story of Madame Bovary with a contemporary exploration of the body as a site of intuition, agency, and birth. With choreography by Jody Oberfelder and music by Missy Mazzoli, this work focuses on the sociopolitical implications of the gut and genitals. This project will be born out of research into the spiritual attachment to the gut, centering particularly on intuition and sexuality in the female body. How has this region of the body been the site of intuition, agency, and birth? On the other hand, how has this region been a limiting space, reducing gender identity to genitalia?