Catch Object Place at Plymouth University UK as a part of Walking’s New Movements

Nov 2 4:45 pm | Nov 3 10 am

Object Place is a space suggesting clues to moving treasures, a place that heightens awareness of the inner energy of objects and people. The goal is to provide an experience of being a witness and participant in the construction of a changeable space in real time.


Life Traveler

October 2019


Object Place(for Astor Place)

Curated by DoT Arts and Events | SummerStreets | August 2019

Creating presence with the city as theatrical arena. Three performers guided participants in an interactive walk bringing attention to traveling bodies in time and history. What do we leave behind as we move?

images by Savannah Lee

images by Savannah Lee


Madame Ovary

We had a stupendous world premiere at the Flea Theater! Highlights below!


In The Balance Podcast interview with Jody!

“The Body-Brain-Gut of the Matter: Jody Oberfelder on Neuroscience and Movement” Click the image below to listen.

Image by wowe

Image by wowe

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Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 6.16.12 PM.png

Dance of the Neurons

featured in the February Issue of Labocine: Home of Films from the New Science Wave!

Check out the issue here!

Coming soon to a train station near you!

On the Move Shortly premiered at St. Pancras Station, London on July 30th, 2018! 

Click here for more information!

Photo by Marcin Owczarek

Photo by Marcin Owczarek