"Intense... My heart beats red with appreciation." --Bailey Moon, Eye on Dance & the Arts
- Bailey Moon


An Immersive Piece Examining the Heart




"If you're not in love when you enter this heart-themed dance immersion choreographed by the inventive Jody Oberfelder, you may very well be when you leave."- New York Magazine

"While big-budget extravaganzas and classical dance are firmly planted uptown, it can seem like the world of downtown dance–the one that inspires awe with its inventiveness—has gone the way of the landline.  But fear not: The avant-garde’s heart is thumping quite loudly in4CHAMBERS, a new dance-theatre piece from Jody Oberfelder." -TDF STAGES

"4Chambers is hard to shake after seeing it. If you surrender yourself to it, it will give you something marvelous in return."- New York Theater Review 

"Bottom Line: It might be the most surprising and innovative thing you’ve seen all year.”- Theater is Easy

"Intense... My heart beats red with appreciation."- Eye On Dance


"The audience's role is vital....through this "molecular exchange,"  one realizes the incredible power and strength of the human heart, making us all aware of what it means to be alive"-Broadway World 


...it makes you address your own skin and the border of somebody else’s, who you don’t know."- SciArt Magazine(Interview)

"A tricky, subtle balance of embodied human experience, science, psychology and playfulness. With all the potential to be overly sentimental, hippy-ish, and cliche, 4CHAMBERS is none of those things. It's a straight-shot of Homo Sapien, a brave and well-crafted leap into the essence of sharing some of what it means to be human."- Huffington Post

"Spectacular and visceral, made even more thrilling by its closeness."-  Columba Spectator 

"Mesmerizing... the physical exertion was palpable, and the risks they took were real, just as offering and accepting love is rife with risk."-  Dance View Times 

"Fascinating and surprising" - Maximoo 

"Dance is so often a spectacle, a kind of voyeuristic experience. As a member of the audience you typically sit on your ass and watch the performers do all the work. If it’s good, when it’s all over, you clap.4CHAMBERS, Jody Oberfelder’s ambitious and engaging new piece, turns everything about that experience on its head while preserving explorations of formalism and expression through movement." - Williamsburg Greenpoint News

"The heart — pumping blood and throbbing with feeling — is omnipresent in our real and imagined lives. Jody Oberfelder’s 4Chambers frees it from its bony cage, unleashing its corporeal and metaphorical possibilities. It isn't for wimps. 4Chambers is deeply experiential." Dance Enthusiast 

"Wonderful…You will be touched by the performers, both literally and figuratively."- This Week in New York (interview) 


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