"Intense... My heart beats red with appreciation." --Bailey Moon, Eye on Dance & the Arts
- Bailey Moon

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2014 was a full year  

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We are in great company! We made Ryan Hudak's top 10 in 2014: 

"I've seen so much theatre/dance/art this year, that I felt like going through the playbills and looking at what stuck with me for the year. So, in no particular order, here are some shows that affected me in 2014:"

- The Essential Straight And Narrow by The Mad Ones
- Early Shaker Spirituals by The Wooster Group
- Punk Rock/ The Village Bike presented by MCC Theater
- 4Chambers by Jody Oberfelder Projects
- Isolde by Richard Maxwell and the New York City Players
- Sense And Sensibility, presented by Bedlam
- The Clearing by Jake Jeppson 
- Kontakthof by Pina Bausch 
- Angels In America directed by Ivo Van Hove 
- Disgraced by Ayad Akhtar 
- The Maids, presented by Sydney Theatre Company 
- A Doll's House, presented by the Young Vic

Here's his review of 4Chambers 
January 22-March 22 : "4Chambers is hard to shake after seeing it. If you surrender yourself to it, it will give you something marvelous in return."- New York Theater Review 

Bottom Line: It might be the most surprising and innovative thing you’ve seen all year.”
- Theater is Easy

"Intense... My heart beats red with appreciation."
- Eye On Dance

"I f you're not in love when you enter this heart-themed dance immersion choreographed by the inventive Jody Oberfelder, you may very well be when you leave."

- New York Magazine

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